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The protection of animals

Sir - Last May, thousands of people attended a mass rally in London's Trafalgar Square to demonstrate their opposition to the government White Paper, Scientific Procedures On Living Animals CMND 883 (May 1983).

These people protested because they realised that if such procedures should be legalised the plight of animals used for laboratory experiments would worsen - if that can be imagined.

Later I was very surprised by the fact that the protest against the White Paper was not mentioned in the Catholic Press.

Ironically the animal issue did receive some notice from the author of the Dear Anne column wherein was stated;

"If we have not been notable for setting up Catholic Donkey Sanctuaries or Catholics Against Circus Animals, it is not because we lack compassion, but because there are more urgent calls on our compassion."

Bishop Agnellus Andrew's recent exhortation to work for a charter for the defence and protection of the animal world was noted in the October 12 issue of The Universe.

(Miss) Philomena Hughes

The Universe

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