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'Catholic Pictorial' Debate (1979)
There's no need to kill

I feel I must comment on J. White's letter when he states that God intended animals for us to eat. Man does not need to kill to live. If the majority of people had to slaughter I am sure they would never be able to eat meat again.

Most people associate animals bred for food with pleasant fields and hens pecking in farmyards. This is a myth perpetuated by vast companies whose profit seeking has blinded them to the fact that animals have a right to decent conditions. After all, eggs and bacon would not sell as well if the truth emerged.

Animals do not only suffer at the slaughter-house. They are denied freedom of movement, exercise, and even the natural food for which they crave, to mention just a few cruelties.

If we are aware of these crimes against innocent creatures, remain indifferent or turn a blind eye, then we are guilty of the sin of omission.

Incidentally, it is grossly uneconomic to produce animal based protein. If we abstain from flesh eating we are sharing the world's food supply more fairly. England could be self-supporting on first-hand vegan foods, while neither England nor the world can support 'two population explosions' - that of man and of the millions of animals deliberately bred to satisfy the short-sighted greed of meat-eaters.

To sum up, as the modern German theologian, Fr. Ruland states, 'Like us, the animals desire to live, shrink from pain, and seek pleasure.'

Irene Casey


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