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'Church Times' debate (1984)

Animal Suffering

Sir, - All praise and thanks to the R.S.P.C.A., which is to launch a campaign against the religious slaughter of animals to provide meat for the Jewish and Islamic communities. As we know, it is a terribly cruel way of slaughter and the animals suffer appallingly.

The campaign will also show the distress caused to animals such as mink and foxes which are kept for the purpose of being killed to provide fashion furs. Explorations are being made to render experiments on animals unnecessary altogether. This will take time. But it is good news.

At present five million animals a year are killed in experiments. There is a deafening silence from the Church. Surely it is time a voice was heard.

(Rev.) H.E.S. Newbold,

Go on to Slaughter (12/10/84) - Margaret E. Lawson
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