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Lenten Letter
By J. M. Gilheany

A Vegetarian Diet for Lent 2002

In the past, Lent has been associated with a period of self-sacrifice in pursuit of a more ascetic Christian way. More recently, the emphasis has become orientated towards a practical, outward witness, bringing positive benefits to others.

May we introduce you to the concept that seeks to reconcile these very two virtues!

The Veg4Lent 2002 initiative invites fellow Christians to extend the principles of Love, Mercy and Reverence, towards the two million animals otherwise killed daily in the U.K. The reality of such 'food production' entails a very real and violent form of oppression, on a truly vast scale. Yet, is this avoidable and gruesome scenario one which an awakened Christian conscience should seek to countenance, let alone contribute to?

There exists a more peaceable way.

We can live healthier and more spiritually consistent lives, in foresaking an acquired taste for meat. Our very lifestyles combine to perpetuate healing or harm, depending on the ethical choices we make. Let Lent herald a more contemplative Christian presence in the created world.

A world originally intended by God, envisaged by the prophets and for which we pray.

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