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Lenten Letter
By J. M. Gilheany

Veg4Lent: Letter to Bishops

Your Grace,

I would appreciate your thoughts on the emergence of vegetarian advocacy, within todays Christian community. There are five concerns which I've raised, in the interests of enhancing understanding, through honest discourse.

1) Do you believe that vegetarian campaigns can contain important truths, which may in time, become assimilated within a wider Christian approach to life?

2) Would you empathise with any perceived disparity, between a wealth of aquired Catholic insights, and their often arbitrary, practical limitations?

eg. "Conscience is the aboriginal vicar of Christ." - Cardinal Newman

3) Is there not a long-term Biblical imperative, to lead God's faithful towards a more merciful, peaceable and yet, practicable future?

4) Ethical and compassionate awareness are continually progressing, within any healthy society. Would you accept that "heartless" religious attitudes and dogma, can serve to damage Christian witness?

5) Would you be interested in endorsing "Veg4Lent 2003"?

I look forward to whatever reflections that you may wish to share, on what is after all, an essentially grave moral issue.

Yours in Christ,


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