Mission Statement


     In recent years, due both to the increase in deer population as well as vehicular volume, deer-vehicle accidents (DVAs) and human-deer conflicts (HDCs) have been on the rise across the nation. 

     The simplistic and short-sighted yet common way to address DVAs and HDCs is to kill deer in large numbers, often inside city limits by such divisive means as bow-hunting, sharp-shooting and captive-bolting, often at great financial and social cost.  Moral, social, financial and safety concerns aside, even a >50% reduction in deer number seldom reduce the DVA rates by >25%, and reduce the HDC rates hardly at all. 

     Further, due to the Compensatory Rebound Effect (CRE), by which a drastically culled deer population, given a sudden plentitude of food, could re-expand by 30% within 12 months, and double itself within 3 years, culling as a method is self-perpetuating, requiring more culling year after year, with no end in sight. 

      It is, however, very profitable for the pro cullers, one of whom is quoted as saying that culling "is like mowing lawn", meaning that once started, it will have to be done again and again.












      Solon, OH, for example, pop. 23,000, spent $520,000 culling 1,000 deer in 2004/2005.  In 2006/2007, the culler is back again.  And so will he be in 2007, and 2008, and 2009, and 2010..., unless a new, integrated, non-lethal, long-term strategy is employed.

     Hunting culture doctrine has it that any deer management plan, even those employing non-lethal methods, must also include a lethal element.  This could be true a century ago, but not today.  Given the broad range of  21st century technologies - fencing (both active and passive), repellents, deterrents, contraception, city-planning concepts, and a new deer-relocation technology called the Deer Auto-Conveyer (DAC), conceived by Canadian wildlife conservationist Anthony Marr, which involves no harassment or capture. 

     The deer management firm Deer Options Enterprise employs all these techniques in affordable site-specific, comprehensive, integrated, non-lethal deer management packages.