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Compassionate Science: The Evolution and Future of Wildlife Contraception Back To:   Back to Lectures  Back to the Calendar
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Date Wednesday, 11/1
Time 7:30 PM
Location Porter Hall 100 (Where is this venue?)
Price FREE
Running Time Approx. 2 hours
Summary Jay Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. will talk about the general topic of fertility control based on his more than 30 years experience. He will discuss the science and application of wildlife contraception as a non-lethal management tool, explaining the different types of wildlife contraceptives available or under development, their actions, delivery issues, regulatory issues, and the successes that have been achieved with wild horses, urban deer, captive exotic species in zoos, and free-ranging African elephants. He will also examine current contraceptive research directed at companion animals. As a scientist he will present facts, not fancies he will patiently distinguish what has been scientifically demonstrated from myth, hyperbole, and uninformed criticism.
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