Anthony Marr



Part 2a

What must be


at all cost


Tiger Reserve




Bandhavgarh National

Park is about 400 sq.

km. in area and is said

to contain about 40

tigers.  But in 1998

alone, at least 6 tigers, including the famous

Sita, were poached.

"This is not just a

place for recreation, but a serious effort

to preserve our flora and fauna for our children."  Sounds enlightened, but

can they do it?



says the sign. 

For Bandhavgarh,

that is a lot.

"A thing of beauty!"

exclaimed Omni Film's

writer and director

Andrew Gardner.



for the elephants,

this could

be a park

in BC, Canada..

Elephants are

the only way

to go off road

in search of tigers for researchers and tourists alike..


A congregation of tourist jeeps upon a tiger sighting.  On this day, there were three elephants ferrying tourists to and from the tiger.  In each jeep is a park guide who also ensures that tourists do not misbehave.



of the rainy season, the height

of the beauty season.


A tall tripod

is needed to

 film wildlife

from elephant back, since elephants

hardly ever

 stand still.

In the heart of the park is a thousand year old Vishnu statue.  Every year in March villagers by the thousands flood in to pay homage.