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Letter to the government of Belize for accepting Japanese bribe re. commercial whaling


Dear Sirs/Madams:
It recently came to my attention that Belize has fallen as one of the nations successfully bribed by Japan to vote in favor of re-opening commercial whaling worldwide. Considering that commercial whaling has eradicated 99% of the original whale population over the last two centuries, re-opening commercial whaling is tantamount to planetary eco-cide.
It is not too late for Belize to reverse its self-denegrating course, but time is short. Should it become evident that Belize has indeed cast a pro-whaling vote at the International Whaling Commission convention in June, or, in the case of a secret ballot, unless Belize strongly denounces whaling, we will initiate a global boycott against Belize and the other few Japanese puppet states without delay.
The name of Belize used to be a breath of fresh air. Now, it carries the stench of bloody Japanese Yen.
Anthony Marr
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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