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HOPE-GEO's 2009 campaign outline

Dear friends,

True to the name of "Heal-Our-Planet-Earth's Global-Emergency-Operation" (HOPE-GEO), HOPE founder and president Anthony Marr and his terrific HOPE-GEO team (all volunteer) will execute the following in 2009.

1. What is potentially 10,000X more destructive than all the nuclear weapons in the world combined? The Methane Time-Bomb, one with a short Carbon-Dioxide Fuse. Yet, google "methane" and you get next to nothing; posting a video with the tag word "methane" and you get next to zero hits. In 2009, HOPE-GEO will launch a series of YouTube videos which, employing a new tactic, will likely capture hundreds of thousands if not millions of hits. This must be achieved by any means conceivable, because the message is ultra-urgent, to which, as we speak, the whole world is complacently oblivious.

RUNAWAY GLOBAL WARMING HAS BEGUN because of escalating methane release in the high Arctic due to global warming by carbon dioxide (CO2), and we are still talking about continuing to burn fossil fuel and biofuel well past 2050, when a new born babe today will be 42 years old. Methane (CH4) is far more powerful a greenhouse gas than CO2 and can generate its own feedback loop - more methane releasing even more methane.

Once this feedback loop takes hold, the increase will be exponential, and runaway global warming will unfold. The beginning of runaway global warming is when the atmospheric concentration of methane begins to increase at this point of global warming, which it has begun to do as of 2007, the very year when the Arctic suffered a 50% loss of sea ice. The Arctic tipping point has tipped, and the other tipping points will follow.

Unless our species as a whole takes decisive action to change course fundamentally within three years (and this is being generous), RUNAWAY GLOBAL WARMING will take firm hold, and nothing we do after that will make any difference. Unless our species accepts this very inconvenient truth, and act upon it promptly, we will follow a trajectory of global environmental destruction, which we ourselves cannot survive.

In global warming, CO2 is only the fuse; CH4 is the bomb. But when we mention the Methane Time-Bomb, we get mostly a blank if not skeptical look. Now, trying googling "2012" and see what you get. You will find videos galore each with hundreds of thousands if not millions of hits. If December 21, 2012 does mean the End of the World, these aficionados of prophecies have no clue as to the agent of destruction - the Methane Time-Bomb with a slow explosion lasting decades towards a hellish end.

If Runaway Global Warming is allowed to run its course, i.e., if all the methane currently sequestered in solid form on land and in the oceans is gassified, the Earth would become a second Venus; the surface temperature of Venus is 420 degrees Celsius; the great physicist Stephen Hawking has spoken of this concern. Right now, the whole world is talking about the fuse, but is unaware of the bomb, and that is within months of the bomb going off irrevocably. So we will tap "methane" into "2012" where it belongs, and launch our new videos accordingly. The first of these videos will debut by February 2009.

2. Anthony will expand the script of the videos into a new book tentatively titled "Defusing the METHANE TIME-BOMB" - to be co-authored again with Dr. Peter Carter (co-author of my second book "Homo Sapiens! SAVE YOUR EARTH"), projected publication date - June 1, 2009, in time for #3 (next item).

3. From June 10 to December 6 (almost 6 months), Anthony will execute a campaign tour of the USA and Canada by the most fuel efficient vehicle available at this time capable of meeting this long-distance challenge, an 85 mpg vehicle. There are one or two extremely expensive electric cars in existence (e.g. the Tesla - $100,000) equal to this task, but the electricity used for powering the car would likely come from coal, and some from nuclear, meaning that electricity is not truly clean unless it is generated from solar, wind, geothermal, wave or tidal. The vehicle chosen for this tour is a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZZR 250 motorcycle with only 3,000 km on the odometer and a larger-than-stock front sprocket for maximum fuel efficiency - the best campaign vehicle for this task given what is available today - generously donated by Dr. Carter himself. This North America tour will be the first leg of a world tour to be completed by the year 2011. Other motorcyclists, notably Ted Simon, Ewan McGregor (the young Obi Wan Kenobi) and Charley Boorman, have ridden around the world - under much tougher road conditions than those within Anthony's plan, but while these were done as adventures, this one is the first world-tour-by-bike to be executed for a cause, which is what makes Anthony's endeavor unique, a first in history, and should attract global media attention, bearing in mind that the three key words for campaign success are media, media and media. So, the bike, more than anything, is a media tool, for propagating our urgent message worldwide.

4. HOPE-GEO will organize three large motorcycle rallies for when Anthony arrives in Los angeles (for the 2009 Animal Rights Conference - probably mid-July, date not yet fixed), New York City (in September) and Washington DC (in October) the second to converge upon the UN Plaza, and the third upon Capital Hill. Motorcyclists love riding enough to go riding without a cause. We believe they will come to CA, NY and DC from far and wide, for saving our children and all life on Earth from a potentially horrible fate.

It is to be borne in mind that the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen scheduled for December 2009, the successor of the Kyoto Accord due to expire in 2012, is our last collective kick in the climate-change can within the narrow 3-year window which may or may not even exist. It is make it or break it time, and up until now, all the Copenhagen conference news seems to suggest that it will be addressing the CO2 fuse only, and not the CH4 bomb. We must inject methane into their august agenda, and this is what the above 4 items are all about.

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
216-386-7362 / 604-222-1169

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