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A New Model of the Universe and Human Destiny


University of Texas, El Paso
Philosophy Dep't
Host - Dr. Stephen Best

"A New Model of the Universe and Human Destiny"

Friday, February 20
Guest: Anthony Marr
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Worrell Hall 205

Over 25 years, internationally renowned wildlife preservationist and scientific philosopher Anthony Marr has developed a new model of the Universe called Omniscientific Cosmology, which embraces all of the physical, biological, and social sciences, and shows the optimal human destiny. Marr demonstrates striking and consistent parallels in different levels of organization in Earth's biosphere, from molecules to cells to multicellular organisms to animal societies to nations, which can be used to extrapolate on to the interplanetary realm and beyond. Marr's original and unique synthesis shows how the components of each level undergo a four-quadrant "O.S.E.S. Cycle" of the "I.T. Spiral" to advance to the next level. Such understanding is critical at this juncture of world history, because population saturation, international conflict, resource depletion and potential nuclear holocaust threaten to reverse the multi-billion-year, multi-level process of "Integrative Transcendence," from nations back down to simple multicellular organisms or even unicellular organisms. Either our nations will collectively organize into a harmonious "planetary organism," or global disaster seems inevitable.

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