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Stop Killing Deer
Stop Killing Deer
Legal year-round out-of-season urban-deer bow-hunting

Fellow activists:

If you care for deer, and oppose massive killing of deer throughout America, read on, then pick up the phone.

Following is a plea of Ohio activist Lane Ferrante to stop the legal out-of-season urban deer bow-hunting from spreading - perhaps to your city. Deer are being massacred in huge numbers by diverse methods. The Ohio city of Solon, population only 23,000, spent $520,000 shooting 1,000 deer inside city limits in 2004/2005, and shot another 150 deer in 2006. The deer of Millburn, New Jersey, are being captive-bolted, i.e. with extreme cruelty as we speak. As Lane wrote below, these mass killings are spreading like wildfire throughout America. If there is a time for continent-wide concerted action on an issue that concerns American wildlife, this is it.

For more info on deer biology and ecology, deer-vehicle collision rates, urban deer sharpshooting, bow-hunting and captive-bolting, and the new Non-Lethal Integrated Deer Strategy employing a combination of fencing, deterrents, induced migration and immunocontraception, see the new deer section of www.HOPE-CARE.org.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Dear Fellow Deer Lovers:
I am writing to you from Ohio where yet another deer atrocity is occurring. Recently, a resident from Moreland Hills has obtained an all year round permit to bow hunt on his property because of supposed damage done to his bushes by the deer.

This tree stand is very close to the road and in full view for the public to see. His property sits directly across the street from a highly frequented park and also abuts a very busy main thoroughfare where people travel at high speeds. I have already witnessed the hunters in the tree on 2 separate occasions. Both the police and the Division of Wildlife have been contacted about this and neither party will assume responsibility should a deer pierced with an arrow run into busy Chagrin Blvd. and cause a fatal accident.

Furthermore, Scott Peters, Assistant Director of  the Division of Wildlife said that this would never happen and that this question was irrational.

However, this HAS  already happened.

The day I saw the hunters in the tree stand was the same day a near-by neighbor saw a deer with an arrow in him staggering in agony on his property across Chagrin Blvd. The deer had to have crossed the busy street to have reached his property. When he called the Moreland Hills Police Dept. he was told there was nothing they could do. Both the police and the DOW tried to write it off as the work of a poacher.

Because this permit is for the entire year it is likely that very pregnant does will be hit with an arrow or a new born fawn lying in the bushes will die if their mother has been killed.  Bow hunting works by wounding/disabling and the hunter must then follow the blood trail to finish the deer off. Statistics show that there is a 50% wounding rate. But Jason Hadsell, officer with the Division of Wildlife told me that bow hunting is the most humane method of hunting and that the deer would drop immediately after being hit with an arrow, a comment met with scorn when heard by another bow-hunter.  It has become legend that the deer named Braveheart, Iowa, lasted 10 months before finally succumbing to an arrow wound in his upper chest.
In a recent article Scott Peters stated that this is the first all year round permit in Cuyahoga County but "we are just starting and we will be seeing more of this as the year goes on."  As most of you know, what happens in one state sooner or later reaches other states and these deer atrocities are growing like wildfire. It is vital that we all band together and let our voices be heard no matter where these brutal slaughters are occurring. Government Agencies must know that "we the people" want these senseless, inhumane massacres stopped. We are all connected in this terrible injustice. What happens in your city will eventually happen in another city and another causing a domino's effect.
Please contact the following people to express your concern and opposition. If you are from another state you can say:
  • You are very opposed to causing terrible suffering to any animal especially for no good reason when non-lethal solutions are available.
  • People will be put at risk because of the way bow hunting works. A deer can  run for a long way with an arrow pierced in him. They may run into a road and cause a fatal accident. Ask them if they will be held responsible if this should happen. Tell them that a deer has already crossed a busy road next to this property and did have an arrow in him.
  • This site is in plain view for the public to see. It is very offensive and most people don't want to witness this bloody carnage, especially children.
Lane Ferrante,
Bedford, Ohio

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