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Stop Killing Deer
Stop Killing Deer
Human Fatality in DVA is Murder One

"Over 1.5 million deer/vehicle crashes occur per year in the U.S., causing over $1.1 billion in vehicle damage, more than 29,000 human injuries and 150 deaths."

Statistics may be boring, but they are consistent. It dictates that given 30 million deer roaming across the land, and given 3-trillion vehicle-miles per year on American highways, and, not least of all, given a hunting reason entertaining 1.5 million hunters in Pennsylvania alone, and 15 million across the land, which causes deer to blindly dash out of forests into the path of speeding vehicles in evasion of the lethal human intruders the hunters, there WILL be about 1.5 million deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs) or deer-vehicle accidents (DVAs), which WILL cost about 1.5 million deer lives and about 150 human lives, plus about 30,000 human injuries.

According to hunting sources, there were originally about 30 million white-tailed deer in America. History went through a period of unregulated "market hunting", which decimated the deer population to some 300,000 nation-wide, and zero in certain states including Indiana. Since then, the deer population had rebounded back to its original number of about 30 million, but in a much reduced area, due to human occupation of their previous range, including vast tracks of farm land that used to the deer habitat. This creates an over-population density situation, which causes ecological damage as well as human deaths.

This begs the question as to how this could be possible and how it could have happened. The answer is that the deer population is being inadvertently as well as intentionally cultivated to overpopulation densities by human manipulation of the environment. Inadvertently, due to clear cut logging, which opens up broad expanses of sunlit pastures rich in deer food, and intentionally, due to the deliberate super-feeding of deer by means of food plots, basically clear cut areas deliberately seeded with deer food crops.

And this begs the question as to why. The answer is this: There are 300 million Americans, of which only about 6% hunt, which, though a small minority, still amount to 15 million hunters, most of whom hunt deer, each targeting at least one, requiring 15 million deer to give them the baseline satisfaction. The departments of Natural Resources and of Wildlife in some states also impose the rule that to get a buck, a hunter must first kill one or more does. Plus the temptation that the more licenses and permits the state sells, the greater the revenue. All in all, Pennsylvania alone requires some1.5 million deer per year to satisfy its 1.5 million hunters, and America requires 10-million-plus deer to satisfy the 10-million-plus deer hunters. Thus, the food plots across the American semi-wild landscape.

And thus the high deer-vehicle collision rates, and deer deaths, and human deaths.

I repeat. Statistics dictates that given the deer overpopulation, and the vehicle-mile volume, and the deer hunting season, there WILL be so many human deaths.

And I repeat - human deaths.

The policy makers should understand this, or they are incompetent. If they are not incompetent, the only logical conclusion is that the accidents and collisions are deliberately caused, collateral damage, as it were. It follows that the human casualties and fatalities are themselves deliberately caused. This is legal in war, but not in peace. Is Pennsylvania at war? If not, then a serious crime has been committed. It is called premeditated murder, Murder One.

Maybe even a crime of terrorism, because we never know when and where a DVA will occur, only that it will happen, and innocent people will be hurt or killed. And they have been hit, and killed.

I suggest getting all the families of the accident victims together and launching a class lawsuit for wrongful death.

I hope that my logic has held up. As to doing it. Well, will the pro bono lawyers line up please?

by Anthony Marr

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Deer Options Enterprise (DOE)

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