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Educational Outreach:
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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 15


  • Tigers are endangered. There are 5 remaining subspecies in tigers leaving 4500 tigers to remain. There are only 2,000 tigers left in India. People are killing tigers to make medicine and to sell their fur. The people using these tigers can usually make $50,000 whereas the poachers, who are killing the tigers, may just receive a very small payment of $50 or less.
  • There are many reasons the tigers are becoming endangered. Tigerís habitats are being destroyed making it hard to survive. Climate change, deforestation and overgrazing all contribute to the killing of habitants. The 500 million cows in India overgraze the land and so eventually it just becomes a desert.
  • People cannot just save a couple of tigers but must save the whole species. "If we canít stop this problem, what can we stop?" We canít put captive tigers back in the wild because they donít know how to survive in the wild. We must help the people of India to want to help save the tigers, so they must change their way of living. We must help people find alternatives to help preserve the lands and the animals.


I liked everything about Anthony Marrís presentation. I thought he did a great job in organizing it, starting with the movie and showing slides throughout the presentation. He supported all of his statements with facts and pictures. His presentation information was very thorough and went deep into thought. It wasnít just about poachers killing tigers, it went all the way back to how Indiaís overgrowing population, the 500 million grazing cows, loss of 6 billion tons of soil per year, and deforestation affected tigers as well. I never realized that would all have such a big impact on the species. I was very surprised to hear about Indiaís ten-child average versus Chinaís one child maximum. The presentation pointed out so many problems that need to be faced. I liked the idea of finding alternatives for the people of India and other places to live healthy and not overuse earthís natural resources such as wood leading to deforestation. Iím an animal lover so this presentation really caught my attention and makes me want to contribute to the survival of the tiger species.

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