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Letter to The government of The Netherlands - I am Canadian; please ban Canadian seal products
5 September 2006

Dear Ambassador of The Netherlands:

As a Canadian citizen and a wildlife preservationist, I am writing to ask your government to please ban the importation of all Canadian seal products, as several countries are already doing, and some other countries, including Belgium, are in the process of giving it their serious consideration.

The Candian commerical seal hunt is by far the largest, most cruel, most brutal and least justifiable slaughter of marine mammals in history. Imagine a single file of the 325,000 baby seals killed in Canada every year along a highway, up to 40% of which being skinned alive. At one metre per seal, the seal line would stretch along the highway for 325 kilometres.

Please find below a letter I sent to the Embassy of Belgium in Ottawa, Canada, which you will find self-explanatory. I hope that The Netherland will join the increasing number of civilized nations in the world in opposing this barbaric industry which has no place in the 21st Century.


Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
4118 West 11th Ave., Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada V6R 2L6

Letter to the Ambassador and Citizens of Belgium: I am Canadian; please DO ban Canadian seal products - 3 Sep 2006

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