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January - February 1997 Issue

Pope John Paul II (1982)

[St. Francis of Assisi] looked upon creation with the eyes of one who could recognize in it the marvelous work of the hand of God. His solicitous care, not only towards men, but also towards animals and nature in general, are a faithful echo of the love with which God in the beginning pronounced his "fiat" which brought them into existence. We too are called to a similar attitude.

Albert Schweitzer (from a sermon—1919)

Every man and woman who thinks simply and naturally cannot do otherwise than express love in action, not only on behalf of human beings, but also on behalf off all living things....We are compelled by the commandment of love contained in our hearts and thought, and proclaimed by Jesus, to give rein to our natural sympathy for animals. We are also compelled to help them and spare them suffering. Rev. Carl A. Skriver (1977)

The true God is love, goodness and mercy—not sacrifice, cruelty, killing, and murder....We shall not kill or sacrifice other creatures for him; we shall only sacrifice ourselves for our human and animal brothers.

Rabbi Pinchas Peli (1987)

We cannot treat any living thing callously, and we are responsible for what happens to other beings (human or animal) even if we do not personally come into contact with them.

Gary Kowalski, Unitarian Minister (1991)

Finding peace within and bringing peace to the world may start with the capacity to look into another's eyes and recognize there a kindred soul, whether the eyes belong to a German, a dutchman, a friend, a stranger, a chimpanzee, or a wolf.

General Synod, Church of England (1977)

This Synod urges members of the Church of England and all others concerned for the due rights of sentient creatures to make more widely known the plight of many animals and birds today, and to take all possible steps to prevent ignorance, neglect, cruelty, degradation and commercial exploitation so far as animals are concerned. 

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