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September - October Issue

Even among those who support the aims of various social justice issues, the question of animal rights is often treated as a non-issue, or as an injustice that must be eradicated—but not just now.

Those who think this way believe that the plight of animals can be addressed only when racism, war, sexism—and a thousand other societal ills—have been eradicated. And they view those who currently devote themselves to animal welfare as draining energy and resources from other, more important causes.
But animals are among the least powerful and most abused of God’s creatures. And those who are tempted to believe that the men and women who labor on their behalf are doing work that is less important than their own, might reconsider.

Perhaps they should judge the value of what is being done by the amount of compassion and love these activists bring into the world, rather than measuring what is being done by their own priorities.

They might also consider that those who have been called to work for the animals understand that a world which condemns their abuse—refusing to treat any of God’s creatures as utilitarian objects—is a world in which no human being will ever be abused as the means to an end.

HUMANE RELIGION is committed to publishing articles that will nurture and support those who have been called to be part of the spiritual evolution that is manifesting itself among those who understand that love and compassion must be the hallmark of our relationship with all God ‘s creatures.

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