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November - December 1997 Issue

hr-199711-05-pulpitThe Revd. V.A. Holmes-Gore, Anglican Priest—1950

That animals are not things should be obvious even to persons of the lowest intelligence. They are highly sensitive beings—capable of intense feeling and affection and, what is more, they are (like ourselves) creatures of our Heavenly Father.

St John of the Cross—Spiritual Canticle

[God] is present not only in the best and holiest souls, but also in evil and sinful souls, and in all other creatures, for by His presence He gives them life and being.

Rev Carl Skriver, Evangelical Lutheran Minister—1977

The Jewish Prophets started a heroic fight against the custom of animal sacrifice. And their condemnation of animal sacrifice was not only an attack on a religious system which was an aberration, but also on an incorrect and human-centered conception of God. #

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