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January - February 1998 Issue

Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly, O.P. (1990) (Diocese of Louisville)

Reverence for animals is an appropriate response to the creating hand of our God, who reveals himself in all of his works...Each animal in its own delightful way calls us to speculate lovingly on the infinite, dazzling, brilliant life of God so generously bestowed in all of his works....Each time we show affection and respect for animals, we honor the Creator.Ē

Most Reverend Lewis G. Garnsworthy (1988) (Archbishop, Metropolitan Toronto)

It is a Biblical truth that all creation is one: that humankind and animals are both part of Godís plan. Because of this, cruelty or torture to any part of that creation lowers what humankind is meant to be. Kindness and care for animals is not something any Christian can ignore. We are called, in a highly complex age, to give more concern than ever to the manner in which we treat the animal kingdom. I commend the work of those who have made this a cause.

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