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Every religion has taught that man should put himself on the side of the will of God in the world, on the side of good as against evil, of evolving instead of regressing. The man who ranges himself on the side of evolving, realizes the wickedness of destroying life; for he knows that, just as he is here in the physical body in order that he may learn the lessons of this plane of existence so is the animal occupying his body for the same reason. He knows that the life behind the animal is the Divine Life. The animals, therefore, are truly our brothers, even though they may be our younger brothers, and we can have no sort of right to take their lives for the gratification of our perverted tastesóno right to cause them untold agony and suffering merely to satisfy our degraded and detestable lusts.

We have brought things to such a pass with our miscalled ďsportĒ and our wholesale slaughtering, that all wild creatures creatures fly from the sight of us. Does that seem like the universal brotherhood of all Godís creatures? Is that your idea of the golden age of world-wide kindliness that is to comeóa condition when every living thing flees from the face of man because of his murderous instinct?...Every one of these creatures which you so ruthlessly murder has its own thoughts and feelings with regard to all this [and] the whole atmosphere around us is full of their horror and pain.


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