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Editorial: Why We Need Grass-Roots Humane Ministries
July - August 2008 Issue

In the March - April 2008 issue of Humane Religion Magazine we wrote and editorial Why Do We Have to Call Ourselves Humane Religion?, in which we discussed the hardness of heart and lack of empathy within the churches, and the need for a compassionate voice when it comes to our relationship with animals.

Since that time, we have been working on starting grass-roots ministries around the world that will serve the spiritual and emotional needs of the people who care about animals and their well-being, since the vast majority of churches have failed to provide such nurture. See: Directory of Grass-Roots Christian Ministries Who Are Vegetarian (Vegan) and Minister to Animals and the Humans Who Care About Them

This effort will expand the ministry that we have been providing over the internet, and hopefully give people in need an opportunity for more personal contact during times of mourning, and provide support while working to end the suffering and exploitation of animals.

We are presently looking for additional organizations, and professional and lay ministers, who are interested in providing such ministerial services in their areas. 

If you are interested in becoming part of this ministry, or are in need of these services, please let us know.

In this issue you will find an introductory letter from one of these ministers.

~ Frank L. Hoffman

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