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Humane Religion Magazine

November - December 2008 Issue


by Jenny Moxham

If Christmas is a time for love
Can someone please explain,
Why Christmas is the time folk cause
The animals most pain.

If Christmas is a time for peace,
Can someone tell me why,
The brutal, bloody slaughtering
Is at an all year high.

It simply makes no sense at all
This season is a sham,
We should be showing pigs some love
Not killing them for ham.

And turkeys, inoffensive birds,
What hell folk put them through,
For nothing but a little bit of
Flesh on which to chew.

This time of year is meant for love
So loving it should be,
This means of course our Christmas fare,
Should all be cruelty-free.

It's farcical to pray for peace
Then serve a Christmas feast,
Consisting of some cruelly tortured,
Slaughtered bird or beast.


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