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Letter to Slovenian President's Office about Vegan Leadership - 3 Jun 2007

Dear Valentina Flander (Head of the President's Office, Slovenia):

Each Sunday I receive a sermon from Frank and Mary Hoffman at All Creatures ( There is no better web site in the world used for the purpose to promote the will of God, which includes kindness and life for all animals.

This sermon is special. I hope you have the time to read it. The inspirational words will make you feel good.

Valentina, this is how I charge the battery in my soul each week that gives me the inspiration to continue the battle to help animals have a better life.

The battle to shut down factory farms and slaughterhouses seems like an impossible task to most people and no way to win.

Valentina, I can assure you that Frank and Mary Hoffman know the battle to rescue billions of God's creatures from cruelty and premature death can be won with help from people in powerful positions like you and "vegan" President Drnovsek.

Terrified and vulnerable animals throughout the world are desperately waiting for someone like the first "vegan" President in history, Slovenia President Dr. Janez Drnovsek to help save them.

To personally launch and spearhead a campaign that could play a large role in helping to emancipate billions of animals from facing the worst kind of unnecessary torture and death.

There will always only be "one-first vegan President of a country in history." That man is President Drnovsek.

Who could be a better person than President Drnovsek to lead the way on a path that has never been traveled before.

There could be no greater accomplishment or a more wonderful legacy for any President in history. The "first vegan President" that lead the way and was responsible for many monumental victories in one of the most important wars, against cruelty and death to animals, in history.

The "first vegan President" who will be honored and remembered forever. Imagine!

Yes, President Drnovsek could lead a large brigade of supporters to many victories in this battle promoting kindness and life for all animals.

Momentum and complete victory could be gained by creating increased awareness from media coverage throughout the world and continually defeating those that support unnecessary cruelty and death to animals.

Valentina, together we can save the lives of a large number of animals.

Together we can watch the first large factory farms and slaughterhouses begin to close!

The tide of this great battle could turn quickly in favor of supporting President Drnovsek's campaign.

President Drnovsek, the path to victory lies ahead!

What say thee, my captain?

Valentina, thank you for caring and trying to help.

For the sake of all animals,

Arthur Poletti

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