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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Fireworks - 6 Jul 2012

Northern Territory News
July 6, 2012

Fireworks cruel toll on animals

TRAGICALLY, over a third of the 89 dogs who fled in terror from last year’s Territory Day fireworks were never reunited with their families.

How many of these frightened and bewildered animals would have been subsequently euthanised? As well as this, a greyhound hanged himself on a fence and another was run over by a car.

Last Saturday, a red heeler, panicked by crackers, ran in front of a car and sustained severe spinal injuries. Her distraught family, forced to put her down, said she was an amazing, loving and intelligent family member.

Why aren’t fireworks banned? Not only do they cause enormous suffering to animals, they cause immense heartache and suffering for the owners, too.

Why is it that most people — and the government — selfishly think that only human pleasure matters?

If someone deliberately hanged a dog, or threw one under a car, I’m sure the perpetrator would be charged with animal cruelty.

Yet people can let off fireworks that result in the same outcome and there is no consequence for them.

Jenny Moxham