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Letter from Jenny Moxham about banning pig-dogging - 23 Jul 2012

Published July 23
Northern Territory News

Time to ban pig-dogging

I wholeheartedly agree with James Dunlevie. (‘‘Place for hunting, but killing for kicks is not on," NT News, 20/07).

It’s extremely sad — and sick — that some human beings actually get a ‘‘buzz’’ out of killing and torturing other sentient beings.

In last Friday’s NT News Grunter Hunter says ‘‘let’s band together to keep our favourite sport alive’’.

But what does this so called sport involve?

In a video that I watched on YouTube two hunting dogs were set upon a small, screaming pig. The hunter deliberately increased the agony of the pig by intermittently slicing through parts of his body with a knife.

This is nothing to do with culling. It’s the deliberate torture of helpless animals for the self-gratification of those with a blood lust.

These brutalised animals are totally innocent victims. They are here because we deliberately introduced them to this country. Consequently we should have compassion for them.

If we want to reduce their numbers it should be done humanely— or not at all.
The cruel and sadistic ‘‘sport’’ of pig-dogging must be banned immediately.

Jenny Moxham
Monbulk Victoria