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Letter from Laurel about Mr. Ho and Baa - 15 Nov 2012

Dear Frank and Mary,

My computer keyboard has certainly been tapping since I found your site and contacted you about Bill and Lou (10th Nov). I have just completed a letter in response to another of your action alerts in defense of Mr. Ho and Baa in Australia:
Urge Council to Stop Bullying Man and Sheepcompanion pet sheep

There is a lot of justifiable criticism of the Internet but it has its good side and it’s kind of wonderful that I can sit by the seaside in England, access your site and send out a helping hand to someone in Australia. You are dong a great job. I shall regularly check your info pages.

With regard to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle I wonder if your readers have heard of Jeffrey Masons book ‘The Pig who sang to the Moon’ it makes interesting reading:

With love and best wishes


Here is a copy of my email:

Dear Mayor and Councillors of Dandenong,

I am writing to you on behalf of Mr Ho to ask you to let him keep his beloved pet sheep Baa in his backyard.  It is clear that she is a much-loved pet who has been with Mr Ho virtually all her life and it will cause both of them great distress to be parted. It is inappropriate to regard her as livestock.

I also note that despite the council citing complaints from Mr Ho’s neighbours as a reason for demanding her removal, he seems to have their goodwill, one resident setting up a petition on his behalf and his immediate neighbours are speaking out in support of him and his pet.  They describe her as no trouble and sympathize that they know what it is “like to love an animal ... they need us and we need them." 

Please don’t victimise this kind, gentle man or force him to bear such an enormous burden of debt for merely loving something.  He has lived with his companion animal for over a decade, so presumably she cannot have been that much of a problem. Mr Ho appears to be a good citizen, neighbour and, more important, a compassionate man.  Please see him as an asset to your community and leave him in peace with those he loves.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Thank you very much for writing letters and telling about your use of the internet. That is the main reason that we started our internet ministry the end of 1997. It makes things so easy and reaches so many more people.
We’ll publish your letter on our web site.
We believe many of our members know of Jeffrey Mason’s book for we see it mentioned on several of our lists. We have a veg-Christian email discussion list if you would like to join.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary