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Letter to Key Corp (Bank)
Concerning their support of the March of Dimes' testing on animals

22 February 2002

Mr. Henry L. Meyer III, CEO
127 Public Square
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Dear Mr. Meyer:

As long-time customers with several KeyBank business and personal accounts, we are very upset by KeyBank’s support of the March of Dimes.

Perhaps you are not aware that the March of Dimes, with its history of truly awful animal experiments, is now funding a most disturbing series of experiments. It has given a major grant to Miles Novy, at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, who infects pregnant monkeys with disease-causing bacteria to see if he can stimulate premature births. He inserts monitoring cables into the mothers’ uteruses and into their babies’ bodies, tethering the animals in cages that are so small he had to get a special exemption from humane guidelines from the animal care committee at the facility. When the babies are born, he kills them all. As you would imagine, it is already known that uterine infections can cause premature births.

In this day and age, in the eyes of more and more people, experimentation on animals is fast becoming archaic, unnecessary, and thoroughly distasteful. It also has the potential to harm humans, as in the case of thalidomide, etc., since results with animals may not be applicable to humans. In addition, time and money are wasted on worthless, redundant research.

There are many charities that do not fund animal research. Some are listed on the web site .

We look forward to your reply and to any questions you may have.


Frank L. Hoffman

Mary T. Hoffman

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