Christianity and the Problem of Human ViolenceChristianity and the Problem of Human Violence
from Guide to Kingdom Living

True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

Christianity and the Problem of Human Violence

By Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Mimesis
Part 3: Mimesis vs. Imitation
Part 4: Anger
Part 5: Displacing Anger
Part 6: The Scapegoat Mechanism
Part 7: Myth, Ritual, and Taboo; The Scapegoating Mechanism as the Foundation of Culture
Part 8: The Bible Reveals Sacred Violence
Part 9: Mimesis in the Garden of Eden
Part 10: The First Murder Victim
Part 11: The Flood
Part 12 Idolatry
Part 13: Abraham and Isaac
Part 14 Jacob and Esau
Part 15 Joseph
Part 16: Joshua 7
Part 17: Job
Part 18: A Brief Review of Girardian
Part 19: Sacrifice in the Hebrew Scriptures
Part 20: Violence in the Hebrew Scriptures
Part 21: Exodus
Part 22: The Suffering Servant as Scapegoat
Part 23: The Later Prophets
Part 24: Desire
Part 25: Fear of Death
Part 26: The Fundamental Desire for Self-Esteem
Part 27: Fear and Anger
Part 28: Animals as Scapegoats, part 1
Part 29: Animals as Scapegoats, part 2
Part 30: Animals as Contemporary Scapegoats: Reply to a Question
Part 31: The New Testament: Introduction
Part 32: Jesus’ Birth
Part 33: John the Baptist, part 1
Part 34: John the Baptist, part 2
Part 35: The Three Temptations (Mt: 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13), part 1
Part 36: The Three Temptations, part 2
Part 37: The Beatitudes (Mt 5:3-12, Lk 6:20-38) part 1: The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
Part 38: The Beatitudes part 2: Blessed Are the Poor
Part 39: The Beatitudes, part 3: Blessed Are You That Weep
Part 40: The Beatitudes part 4: Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Part 41: The Sermon on the Mount
Part 42 Interlude: Reflections on this Series by the Author
Part 43: The Passion, part 1: An Anthropological Look
Part 44: The Passion, part 2: Anti-Semitism
Part 45: Further Reflections on Anti-Semitism
Part 46: The Resurrection, part 1: Jesus’ Innocence
Part 47. The Resurrection, part 2: Death
Part 48. The Resurrection, part 3: Breaking Free of Our Culture of Death
Part 49: The Resurrection, part 4: Jesus’ Return
Part 50: The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3-17; Deut 5:6-21)
Part 51: The First and Second Commandments
Part 52: The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Commandments
Part 53: The Sixth Commandment
Part 54: The Last Four Commandments
Part 55: The Great Commandment
Part 56: Loving Our Enemies
Part 57: The Wrath . . . of God? part 1: Introduction
Part 58: The Wrath . . . of God? part 2: Romans 3:1-7
Part 59: The Wrath . . . of God? part 3: Romans 9:22
Part 60: Forgiveness
Part 61: Forgiveness and Peace
Part 62: Forgiveness and Anger
Part 63: Forgiveness and Judgment
Part 64: “Forgive Us Our Debts”
Part 65: “Forgive them, Father”
Part 66: The Adulteress
Part 67: Forgiveness: Born Again, part 1
Part 68: Forgiveness: Born Again, part 2
Part 69: Forgiveness: A New Law Written on Their Hearts
Part 70: Forgiveness: The Sunflower
Part 71: Forgiveness: How Can We Distinguish Scapegoating from Justice?
Part 72: Forgiveness: Animal Abusers, part 1
Part 73: Forgiveness: Animal Abusers, part 2
Part 74: Forgiveness, the Hardest Thing
Part 75: Forgiveness and Theology
Part 76: Love, part 1: God is Love
Part 77: Love, part 2: Jesus’ Forgiving Peter
Part 78: Love, part 3: For God So Loved the World
Part 79: Love, part 4: Human Love Versus Divine Love
Part 80: Love, part 5: Committed Relationships
Part 81: The Faith of Christ
Part 82: Guided by the Faith of Christ
Part 83: Faith and the Bible
Part 84: Living out One’s Faith
Part 85: “There Is Neither Jew Nor Greek” (Gal 3:28)
Part 86: Romans 8:18-26: The Creation Waits with Eager Longing
Part 87: Satan, part 1
Part 88: Satan, part 2: “Get behind me Satan” (Mt: 16:21-23)*
Part 89: Who or What Is Satan?
Part 90: Satan the Accuser and the Trickster
Part 91: Satanic Desire
Part 92: “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”
Part 93: Can Satan Cast Out Satan?
Part 94: “It Is Finished”*
Part 95: The Parakletos – Defender of the Accused, part 1
Part 96: The Parakletos – Defender of the Accused, part 2
Part 97: Christian Faith
Part 98: Faith in the Living God
Part 99: Further Reflections on Christian Faith
Part 100: The Theodicy Problem: God and Evil
Part 101: “For God So Loved the World”
Part 102: Death
Part 103: Abundance Versus Scarcity
Part 104: Abundance Versus Scarcity: The Miracle of Feeding the 5000
Part 105: Receiving the Kingdom of God “Like a Child”
Part 106: The Kingdom of God
Part 107: “I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice”
Part 108: Romans 12:1 and 6:23
Part 109: The Letter to the Hebrews, Part 1
Part 110: The Letter to the Hebrews, part 2
Part 111: Original Sin, part 1
Part 112: Original Sin, part 2
Part 113: Christianity and the Roman Empire
Part 114: Atonement Theology, part 1: Leading Theories
Part 115: Atonement Theologies, part 2: Satisfaction Atonement and Moral Influence Theories
Part 116: Atonement Theologies, Part 3: Further Problems with Satisfaction Atonement
Part 117: Narrative Christus Victor
Part 118: Jesus Made to Be Sin
Part 119: The Nature of Prophets
Part 120: Prophecy
Part 121: Prophecy and Creativity
Part 122: Prayer
Part 123: Healing in the Synagogue
Part 124: Holistic Healing – The Man with Leprosy
Part 125: Healing and Empathy - Raising Lazarus from Death
Part 126: Spiritual Healing - The Invalid Man
Part 127: Healing and Faith - The Woman with Perpetual Bleeding
Part 128: The Gerasene Demoniac - Did Jesus Kill 2000 Pigs?
Part 129: Healing a Broken World - The Man Born Blind
Part 130: Healing - A Christian Calling
Part 131: Peacemaking: Violence and the Churches
Part 132. Peacemaking and Christian Community
Part 133. What is Violence?
Part 134: Parables
Part 135: Questions Raised by Parabolic Teaching
Part 136: Parable of the Weeds
Part137. Parable of the Ten Talents
Part138. Parable of the Lost Sheep
Part139. Parable of the Prodigal Son
Part140. “I Have Not Come to Bring Peace, but a Sword”
Part141. The Truth in Fiction
Part142. Relationships in Literature and Covental Relationships
Part143. The Revelation to John
Part144. Wealth versus Poverty
Part145. Freedom versus Security
Part146. Liberal versus Conservative, part 1
Part147. Liberal versus Conservative, part 2
Part148. Animal Issues, part 1
Part149. Animal Issues, part 2
Part150. Animal Issues, part 3

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