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Watchdog Group Names U.S. '10 Most Criminal' Research Facilities; Animal Labs Break Federal Law 16 Times Every Week


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Contact: Michael Budkie, SAEN, 513-575-5517
Watchdog Group Names U.S. '10 Most Criminal' Research Facilities; Animal Labs Break Federal Law 16 Times Every Week  

WASHINGTON, DC – Federal reports reveal that a laboratory negligence epidemic is sweeping across the U.S., with the 235 research labs breaking the law 450 times – or 16 times every week, according to national research watchdog SAEN, citing federal reports for the first six months of 2012.
The "10 Most Criminal," or the worst labs for the first half of 2012, have compiled 90 violations of the Animal Welfare Act, adversely affecting 239 animals, said SAEN. Many of these animals have either died or been denied adequate veterinary care.
According to SAEN analysis, TRS labs of Athens (GA) is the worst laboratory in the U.S., racking up 23 federal violations in four inspections (three direct and 11 repeat citations). These violations have affected 76 animals, primarily dogs and gerbils – many have died. The USDA’s Investigation and Enforcement Services division is compiling a case against TRS.
Santa Cruz Biotech (CA) places second nationally with 85 animals affected by 11 citations (three direct and six repeat). Many goats suffer horribly at Santa Cruz Biotech, such as goat #1239 whose untreated broken leg would move independently of the rest of the leg.
Boston (MA) area labs placed third, fourth and seventh nationally with Harvard University (#3), Harvard Medical School (#4), and the Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary (#7) all in the "10 Most Criminal."
Harvard University killed 42 animals through dehydration while the Harvard Medical School has been repeatedly cited for primate deaths and injuries. The Massachusetts Eye & Ear infirmary has been cited for the exsanguination deaths of five rabbits and for depriving three primates of water.
Two facilities connected to Indiana University finished in the 10 Most Criminal." The Indiana University Medical School and the Methodist Research Institute of IU have placed eighth and tenth respectively collectively compiling a total of 15 violations affecting six animals.
Facilities connected to the University of Texas (Galveston), University of Puerto Rico, and Tuskegee University round out the "10 Most Criminal," with 24 violations and affecting 13 animals.
“When animals suffer and die this horribly, the USDA must take action,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN. “Murdering monkeys, dogs, cats, and rabbits by dehydration, exsanguination, or inadequate veterinary care is not the hallmark of an industry which is effectively regulated. These heinous labs deserve federal fines at the very least.”
All USDA reports are available upon request from SAEN. 

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