Journey to
Compassionate Living


 Why have we entitled this series Journey to Compassionate Living? Because true compassionate living in this corrupted world is not something we can have in the fullness of the meaning of compassion; it is something that we have to strive for. Thus, we who wholly desire to live in a world that is peaceful, loving, and compassionate, find ourselves on a journey to achieve the utopia we desire.

As we travel on this journey together, we will look at some of the world religious views that direct us toward this golden age of compassionate living. We will also look more specifically at Judeo-Christian Biblical passages that call, and even command us, to live compassionately with the whole of creation.

We will talk about our personal experiences and how and why we became aware of the horrible pain, suffering, and destruction that is rampant in the world around us, and what we have done and are doing to overcome this corruption.  And, an important part of this journey we are taking together is for all of our readers to contribute to this adventurous and important journey by clicking on the email link at the bottom of the page and sending us your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, so that it can enrich all of our lives and improve the world around us.

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