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Cruel Injustice for Pregnant Pigs - Gestation Crates - 01

Cruel Injustice for Pregnant Pigs - Gestation Crates - 01

There is no liberty, or freedom, or joy for farmed pigs; there is only misery from the day they are born to the day they die.

Female pigs used for breeding (called 'breeding sows' by industry) are confined most of their lives in 'gestation crates' which are so small that they cannot even turn around. The pigs' basic needs are denied, and they experience severe physical and psychological disorders. They don't even have enough room to lie down in a comfortable position, and are forced to lie down in their own excrement.

These kinds of cruel and wicked practices are destroying our journey to compassionate living, and we must take a stand against them, which begins with our eating only a plant based diet, and speaking out against this inhumanity.

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