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Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc.
38 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, New York 12572 USA -  845-876-2626
Vegetarian - Vegan - Animal Rights - Health - Nutrition - Environment

The mission of the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc. is to promote the vegetarian ethic in the Mid-Hudson (New York) region, educate the community and aid anyone in the pursuit of a totally vegetarian (vegan) cruelty-free and healthful lifestyle.

Articles From Our First Newsletter 1996

Vegetarianism:  The Compassionate Choice

The majority of animals raised to be killed for their flesh are raised on large factory farms, well-hidden from public view.  Most animals spend their entire brief lives inside these factories, never seeing daylight or breathing fresh air.  No thought is given to the animals' social and emotional needs.  They live in over-crowded conditions or solitary confinement.  Painful procedures, such as castration, debeaking, and dehorning are performed without anesthesia.  The young are separated from their mothers long before either is ready.  Such cruelty often results in illness and death even before it is time for the animal to be brought to slaughter.  The meat industry is big business, concerned with one thing:  profit.  The goal is to breed, raise and kill the maximum number of animals as efficiently and cheaply as possible.

Choosing a vegetarian diet is a choice that is good for your health and for the environment.  It also means you are no longer contributing directly to the suffering and death of the 16 million animals murdered each day so that their flesh can be sold and consumed.

Choosing not to eat animals is the most powerful way to demonstrate your compassion for fellow beings whom we have no right to murder for profit, or consume for pleasure and convenience.

For more information about the animal suffering, environmental devastation, and health risks caused by factory farming contact:  Farm Sanctuary, P.O. Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY  14891.  Farm Sanctuary

Caroline Sulzer

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