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Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc.
38 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, New York 12572 USA -  845-876-2626
Vegetarian - Vegan - Animal Rights - Health - Nutrition - Environment

The mission of the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc. is to promote the vegetarian ethic in the Mid-Hudson (New York) region, educate the community and aid anyone in the pursuit of a totally vegetarian (vegan) cruelty-free and healthful lifestyle.


Articles From the Fall 1997 Newsletter

"Thanksgiving A Memorable Time"

Could this occasion be most remembered by the turkey, the family gatherings or could it be the fun we have sitting around in the family room talking about our lives and the most recent gossip.  In northern New York, Ulster Park to be exact, there is an isolated town. Filled with trees, this country-like place in the woods, contains the vegetarian residents of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ferranto. Every day that we wake, we arise to the chirping of the forest birds with their beautiful songs. We have our visits annually and when we come together there is no telling what might stirrup.  Sure we go deer spotting for the rare albino deer and bird watch from the kitchen window, sample bean curd, (tofu), and homemade cranberries. Very tasty, I must admit.

Although the food isn't exactly what food you would have in mind, that was nothing in comparison to what happened on one Thanksgiving.  My family will never forget this. Now what I am about to tell you may not seem very funny to you, but for the Ferranto's, this was stomach-aching entertainment. Before I can tell the story, I need to put in some details. You see, my uncle Tony is an artist and decided to shape the tofu like a turkey. Success, that is until it was cooked. I had sampled every appetizer they put in front of me. Then came the challenge. The "TURKEY." Uncle Tony had used the skin from the bean curd (when you boil bean curd, it is just like the skin that forms from milk when it is boiled). Then he mixed the stuffing to be put inside. All of the ingredients were ready.

I was about eleven or twelve years old and always kept my thoughts to myself. As the "TURKEY" was put on the table my mom volunteered me to receive the first and biggest helping. All I could think of was what the "TURKEY" looked like. It was hysterical. The wrapped "TURKEY" was about a foot and one half feet long and about a foot high. If I hadn't known any better, I would have to say it looked like a Giant Potato and boy did I really say it! Everyone agreed laughing, saying they had thought the same. It was strange, though, how my mom found time in between laughs to keep reminding me of how I should taste the potent potato and the juicy, red cranberries over rich, smooth mashed potatoes with a mouthwatering aroma. I apologized, of course, but whenever Thanksgiving rolls around, instead of thinking about the turkey, the family gatherings or the fun we have sitting around in the family room talking about our lives and the most recent gossip, we remember The Giant Potato.

Vanessa Ferranto-13 years old
Poland, Ohio

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