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Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc.
38 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, New York 12572 USA -  845-876-2626
Vegetarian - Vegan - Animal Rights - Health - Nutrition - Environment

The mission of the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc. is to promote the vegetarian ethic in the Mid-Hudson (New York) region, educate the community and aid anyone in the pursuit of a totally vegetarian (vegan) cruelty-free and healthful lifestyle.

Newsletters - Fall 2007 Issue

President's message

Leading with Luna. Luna 61 that is. We have been lax in letting you know that Tivoli is the new home of Peter and Debra Maisel’s eclectic, organic vegetarian restaurant. The familiar round red sign that hung outside of the former location in Red Hook now graces the new establishment. The new address is now 55 Broadway, but 61 is engraved in our brains, so we are glad they did not change the name.

The menu feature a variety of vegan dishes, my personal favorite is the Pad Thai. Although most Thai restaurants will make it without shrimp and egg, it is nice to know that no animal products are ever considered in their version. Peter uses a lovely blend of seasonings. The jerk seitan is a delight as are other dishes featuring tempeh and tofu. The salad rolls or galaxy rolls are a good start for any meal as are the fresh salads and a different soup every night. A few dishes have cheese, but you may ask to have any item served vegan. Debra does desserts – and does them well. The fruit crisps are especially nice, the kind you would make at home if you ever got round to it or knew how to do it. So when you need a dessert for a party or event, call Debra and order ahead. Luna is open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday starting at five and for Sunday brunch. Phone 845•758•0061 for reservations. Check the internet for more information and reviews. Luna has received Hudson Valley Magazine’s Best Veg Restaurant award.

MHVS now has an advisory board, we choose people who are active, knowledgeable and who have worked with us on various projects. We can call upon their experience, strength and skills and appreciate all they have to offer us. Members so far are Milton Mills, M.D, Matt and Mary Kelly of the Berkshire Vegetarian Network, Jenny Brown of the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, Kathy Stevens of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Harold Brown of Farm Sanctuary and Frank and Mary Hoffman.

Summerfest held in Johnstown, Pa., was very well attended by MHVS members and friends. I enjoyed my seventh year there and was especially pleased to share a presentation with our friend and advisor Milton Mills, M.D., who gave several presentations. I provided vegan snacks for the Diabetes and Exercise physiology talks. Milton is getting booked up rapidly, speaking in Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago this fall. If you would like more information about his presentations and how to book him in your area call the MHVS office.

We were very pleased to have the following MHVS members and friends at Summerfest. Attending for the first time, Jeff Baker, Marvin Lang, Father and son team of Gib and Michael Hague. Michael was a volunteer at the food demos as was Arlen Baden. Judi Gilardi attended for her second year. Attending for the zillionth time, Rae Schlecht and Zinnia Konvisor, Carole and Arthur, Baral, both of whom are on the board of North American Vegetarian Society which hosts the conference.

Reagan Bongornio attended with her daughter Jesse. Reagan taught a yoga class. Susan Christofferson was there with her daughter Zane. Good to see members bringing young children. Other attendees included, Barb and Lou Karwowski, Judy Weiner and Gerry Scher, Drs. Carol Kessler and Barry Mark DDS. (A huge thank you to Carol and Barry who became life members of MHVS this year). Melanie Carpenter and George Eiseman, George was also a presenter. Alexandra Santilli, attended and you will see a few paragraphs down what happened when I visited her later in the summer. Summerfest will be earlier next year, beginning on Wednesday June 28.

In August we were pleased to have Will Tuttle give a talk and mini piano concert at the Reformed Church in Rhinebeck. His wife Madeleine displayed her beautiful animal affirming artwork. Check out www.willtuttle.com.

Two good gift book ideas, “The World peace Diet” by Will Tuttle and ‘Where The Blind Horse Sings” by Kathy Stevens. Give one, or both together. People often say to me “Do you think you can make me a vegetarian?” or “Are you trying to convert me?” My answer, always, is that no one can change another person’s mind. What we can do is offer information presented in a friendly nonjudgmental way. Both of these books do that very well. Instead of going to the big chains, order from the respective author’s websites or from MHVS.

A visit to Alexandra Santilli this summer resulted in an interest in a soy milk machine, the SoyaJoy. Alexandra has used her since 2001,gets good results every time and the machine works fine. I ordered one and was very pleased with the results. You can make soymilk, and also almond milk, oat milk or mixtures. The price for the equivalent of a quart box is ten cents. It takes only 15 minutes. (OK you do have to soak the beans overnight and when finished cool the milk.) A family could save $50 or more per month – allowing a nice dinner out at Luna 61 or Garden Café in Woodstock. Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society has become a distributor, we will sell the SoyaJoy for $80, you can pick one up at our office in Rhinebeck or we will be happy to bring yours to an event. Call the office to learn more.

One more offer. Veg News the outstanding vegetarian lifestyle magazine offered us a deal we won’t refuse. Check out www.vegnews.com if you don’t know the magazine. Instead of paying $20 per year you can now get this outstanding bi-monthly magazine for $7.50. To do so, order and pay through Mid- Hudson Vegetarian Society. We need 25 subscriptions to qualify for this offer. You may order for yourself and for gift subscriptions also. Think of it this way, you can get a subscription for yourself and two gift subscription for $2.50 more than what one subscription usually costs. The deadline is November 10; subscription will begin with the January/February issue. Call 845•876•2626. Veg News is a good gift for a vegan or a wannabe.

Roberta Schiff, President

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