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Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc.
38 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, New York 12572 USA -  845-876-2626
Vegetarian - Vegan - Animal Rights - Health - Nutrition - Environment

The mission of the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc. is to promote the vegetarian ethic in the Mid-Hudson (New York) region, educate the community and aid anyone in the pursuit of a totally vegetarian (vegan) cruelty-free and healthful lifestyle.

Transylvanian Goulash

Here is a good summer/fall transition recipe. Use fresh tomatoes as long as  your garden/farmers market  has tasty fresh ones and then transition to organic canned ones - This is a vegan adaptation of an authentic Hungarian recipe. I have pleases many a meat eater with it and of course almost all veggie-vegans really enjoy it, Roberta Schiff

Transylvanian Goulash

1 - 28 oz. Jar sauerkraut
1 medium cabbage, sliced, use all but the core
5 or 6 medium fresh tomatoes and 1 - 15 oz. can diced tomatoes (or in winter use 2 cans of tomatoes instead)
One medium to large onion, diced
2 tablespoons sweet Hungarian paprika – important use only this kind
2 tablespoons caraway seeds
2 cloves garlic if you wish
2-3 Tbs. olive oil – do not use supermarket brands such as Wesson oil etc.
only a good cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
Juice of one lemon
2 bay leaves

Sauté the onion and garlic in the olive oil and let it gently turn color, transfer to a large pot – add the sauerkraut, paprika, mix together, then add everything else, stir well and let simmer – about an hour is good to blend the flavors really well. After it has been simmering about 15 minutes, taste and add more paprika if you like. I don’t measure seasonings and think I usually use more.

Rinse two cups of long grain brown rice, jasmine is nice, but any kind of brown rice will do. Bring three cups of water to a boil add 1 tsp. Sea salt, then the rice, stir until the water returns to a boil, then cover and simmer for 35 minutes. The heavier the pot the better the rice will cook – a Le Cruset is a good one if you have it. Using a flame deflector under the pot is good for cooking grain also. Recently, I have started using a double boiler, that works well also. After the 35 minutes are up, turn off the flame and wait another 10 minutes to open the lid – stir and it is ready to serve.

To serve, put some rice on a plate or in a bowl, ladle some goulash over it.

Yes, this Transylvanian goulash recipe originally had meat in it, but I have found this vegetarian version to be tasty and appreciated by most people. You could gently sauté some sliced tofu in a bit of olive oil and add to the pot in the last 15 minutes. Or add some halved new potatoes the last 30 minutes.

Call or e-mail me if you have questions. Robbie@mhvs.org   845.876.2626

Roberta Schiff

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