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Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc.
38 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, New York 12572 USA -  845-876-2626
Vegetarian - Vegan - Animal Rights - Health - Nutrition - Environment

The mission of the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc. is to promote the vegetarian ethic in the Mid-Hudson (New York) region, educate the community and aid anyone in the pursuit of a totally vegetarian (vegan) cruelty-free and healthful lifestyle.


Potato Leek Soup

10 cups water
4-5 each medium red potatoes and white or Yukon gold potatoes
2 large leeks
1-2 stalks celery
2-4 cloves garlic
1 large carrot
1 and one-half teaspoons sea salt
2 teaspoons Better Than Bouillon No Chicken Base (or your favorite veggie seasoning)
Snippets of fresh herbs if available (thyme, marjoram, basil ) or a teaspoon dried herbs
(I like the Frontier or Simply Organic all-purpose blend)

While bringing the water to a simmer, chop the white part of the lees very fine. Place in a hot skillet, along with the celery also finely chopped; after a minute add a small bit of water and stir around. When the water is absorbed, do this again, about three times. This should braise the leeks so they are brown, but not burnt and have a good flavor. At the end you may add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. (This is much lees oil than I once used, but enough to give good flavor and keep the fat a calories down). Cut the potatoes into small dice and add to the water, add the celery leek mixture and slice the carrot and add it too. Add the veggie seasoning, sea salt and also some ground black pepper if desired. (If you have some burdock root, slice a little of that in too - it is strengthening for the winter)

Let this simmer for about 45 minutes, add some of the green part of the leek, finely chopped. Simmer only a few more minutes, adjust the seasonings to taste.

Roberta Schiff Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society

854.876.2626 or Robbie@MHVS.org

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