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☺Twister has been adopted!☺

twister1.jpg (143770 bytes)May 2001.   A four month old puppy is full of love, kisses and wiggly fun.  A young pup trusts that those he is devoted to will take care of him.  Because of that, it is hard for us to imagine the type of people who drove away from this precious little guy leaving him tied to a tree for four days and nights without the benefit of food, water or shelter.

When Twister came to us he weighed eighteen pounds and was eleven pounds underweight having been slowly starving for some time.  Regardless of his past, he became attached to us from day one and was especially thrilled to learn that he could eat as much as he wanted and that we would continue to provide him with food.

After receiving all of his vaccinations and vet care, Twister was adopted into a great home where he has a vet tech 'Mom,' and another Pit bull-mix as a playmate.

Thanks to you, Twister had been adopted!

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New Hope Sanctuary for the Animals is a rescue, haven, and adoption organization for abused, tortured, and abandoned innocent animals and pets. We are based on the Christian principles that God intended humans to follow as guardians of His creation.  We are a not-for-profit welfare, protection, rescue, rights organization dedicated to the compassionate care of stray and abandoned cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, litters, and farm animals (chickens, pigs, etc.).  We encourage people to adopt and provide kind and loving care for a cat, dog, kitten, puppy, or litter, as well as to   promote humane population control through spaying and neutering.  We are involved in direct action in rescuing and placing animals within a network of animal groups across the nation, and in increasing public awareness and education about the abuse, torture, factory farming, slaughtering, butchering and the murder of innocents, and the need to spay and neuter.  Through the media, special events, and publications we   promote anticruelty, love, compassion, mercy, respect, and kindness towards all animals, animal theology, and compassionate alternatives to animal products. 

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