Fireworks may be beautiful to us, but they traumatize animals. 
No cruelty is justifiable.

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Stop Fireworks
A Project of the Ohio Animal Defense League
A campaign to
stop fireworks from traumatizing animals


Northwest Animal Rights Network

"As a psychologist, with 30 years of experience in emotional trauma, I am very concerned with the effects of loud noise on humans.  As a board member of a nationwide animal protection organization I am equally concerned about the effects of fireworks on non-human animals. 

I have personally witnessed the terror of dogs and cats after a moderately loud fireworks event.  I have seen these dogs and cats flee their homes and dart across highways, be injured and lost.  I hope you will ban fireworks at the new stadium.  As a baseball fan, I think the excitement can be there without the threat to the health and welfare of the animals."

Wayne Johnson, Ph.D., C.M.H.C.,
Northwest Animal Rights Network, Seattle, WA

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