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Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake
- Healall or Selfheal (Prunella vulgaris) -

(Healall - 01)  This patch of healall grows near the road in front of our home.  Healall was originally imported to the United States from Europe as a medicinal herb for healing all kinds of wounds, which led to its other common name, selfheal.




(Healall - 01a)  The flowers of the healall grow from a spike that looks somewhat like a small green corn cob.  The leaves are ovate and grow opposite one another in alternating directions.  We have observed that healall generally have one stem, which, if cut, will form branches with separate flower spikes at the end of each branch.




(Healall - 02)  This is a closer view of the healall flower spike with its 1/2 inch long individual flowers.  Healall will generally grow to heights of 3 to 12 inches.









(Healall - 02a)  In this close-up view of the healall, we can see the bristle-fringed bracts that form the flower spike, and a side view of one of the 1/2 inch long flowers.





(Healall - 03)  In this enlarged photo of one of the healall flowers, we can observe the detail of the upper and lower lips (petals) that form the corolla (flower head).  The lower lip has frilly edges, and the upper lip forms a hood over the pistil and stamens.  We can also see the individual cells of the petals





(Healall - 03a)  To the left is a withering healall flower, and to the upper right a new flower (speck of violet) beginning to appear in one of the bract casings.





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