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by Linda Peacock

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Just A Pig
by Linda  

From Animal Rights On-Line

As the man opened the door
and let me out of the pen
to run around the yard I thought
oh no please not again.

There was no place for me to hide
and I could not get away
so I tried to hide behind a bush
but I knew I was not safe.

First the man turned loose a dog
that sniffed around and found me
They call him a "tracking" dog
and he just stood there barking.

Next the man and his so called friends
while drinking beer and laughing
turned loose their big, bad "catch" dogs
then I knew that I had had it.

One dog caught me by my throat
and the other by my ear
and they shook me like a rag doll
While I screamed from pain and fear.

The men they were all gleeful
and the dogs were having fun
but then they pulled the dogs off me
and I was left alone.

Then after a few minutes passed
they let the dogs loose again
and this game of theirs went on and on
until my life came to an end.

You poor little creature........I am sorry for your pain.
My heart still tears still fall.....
because this story will happen again.

Linda Peacock

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