Poetry by Marla Deaton

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Poetry by Marla Deaton

Alone In a Crowded Stream - with Audio
Behind My Window - with Audio
Busy Being...Lost
Child In The Bramble - with Audio
Clearly Wouldn't Fit In
Cling To You
Elk's Lodge
I Am the Potter's Clay
Like a Heartbeat
My Memory Of You - with Audio
On My Wall
Peace Inside
Searching Souls
Still…Just There
The Ceiling and the Sky - with Audio
The Easy Life
The Open Road
The Thought of You - with Audio
This Little Bird
Timeless Treasure
Walter's Eyes
We Gathered There - with Audio
When I’m With You - with Audio
Where Your Soul Resides - with Audio
Who Reads Poetry? - with Audio
You're A Lot Like Me - with Audio*

About the Author

Marla Deaton is a poet of the South writing of her own experiences and observations as well as an artist, drawing still life images and creating humorous cartoons.

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