God’s Garden Party
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

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God’s Garden Party
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

There is no special invite.

All are welcome regardless of race, gender, creed or height.

You do not need to arrive in a luxury car.

And of course the journey is not very far.

There are no servants to greet you.

God himself will greet you for this is really new.

God does not encourage photo opportunities.

A vision of peace will you ultimately see.

It is not once a year.

Everyday God and his angels will appear.

It is a day of happiness on God’s heavenly lawn.

It is always for those who feel downtrodden and all forlorn.

The banquet is rich and the chef is the best.

A day of paradise and of eternal rest

The nectar is from God’s royal grapes.

The cuisine is served on God’s special china plates.

There is no such thing as a selected list.

The invitation is to you who had been sorely missed.

Accept the invitation to the real Garden Party.

Enjoy the day and be at peace, God will give you your own special key.

© Andrew Pell 04/08/08