Hazardous Food
By Lance Landall

From all-creatures.org

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Hazardous Food
By Lance Landall

Daniel (when in Babylon) sought out a diet free of meat,
Knowing that health wise, flesh food's not something that one should eat.
And he was proven to be right, and we will benefit too
If we exclude meat also, keeping it right off our menu.

Though flesh food was permitted from the ending of the Flood,
God said (were one to eat it) it must first be drained of blood.
Hence “every moving thing” would ensure that its bleeding
Could be carried out by those (who here) God’s Word were heeding.

This instruction from the Lord has never been overturned,
Yet, foolishly, humanity, God’s wise ruling here has spurned.
Given that a creature’s blood harbors all the very worst,
It’s no wonder the flesh eater with ill health can be cursed.

God knew that once again evil would soon overtake man,
And seemingly allowed meat in order to slash man's lifespan.
For malice in the heart of one whose life continued long
Would multiply in evil -- thus producing much more wrong.

Right from meat’s introduction life span rapidly decreased;
Those indulging in its dangers much sooner were deceased.
Along with shortened stature, human bodies now displayed
The terribly sad results of eating what has never paid.

Soon after the fall of man, foolish humans flesh food craved,
And ever with more tragedy has that old pathway been paved.
Though humans have received the penalty of their choosing,
They're still seen eating meat, and the butcher’s wares perusing.

The diet that God first gave man, and creatures too, says it all,
So why would any justify meat’s indulgence via the Fall?
Yet, within their thinking, this is exactly what most do,
Even when alternatives are so clearly within view.

We’re called God’s Holy temple -- thus, this requires action,
For harming such a temple wouldn't be a small infraction.
But where the light shines brighter, surely there we should be found,
Embracing what is better with a thinking that's more sound.

Material’s available proving meat is harmful;
Evidence of its damage can be gathered by the armful.
But like the Israelites of old, (whose demands got them quail),
It’s not until later that some learn it can make you wail.

The sad results of eating meat are continuing to rise,
Yet, if more made the effort, they’d discover what’s more wise.
Although, even when proof’s seen that could save folk from such pain,
There’re those who’ll still eat meat -- thus giving its harm free reign.

And another thing...

Some creatures, God banned as food, and well before the Jewish law,
And Noah, these same unclean creatures, also knew of before.
Yes, God’s wise restrictions still have validity today,
For they’re verified by science, and by lives that God obey.

Not all that God permitted met with His full approval,
Hence why our health is better once we’ve seen meat’s removal.
Our Creator knows what’s best, and desires that all return
To that diet He first gave -- lest we, the hard way have to learn.