Poetry By Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry By Patrick N. Kramer
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About the Author

This is what I believe is the best way to tell others about who or what I am. After giving the question on my Biography great thought and finding it hard to just write about me, I realized my answer to a prior question truly speaks more than anything else I could put down to be read.

On the site where I started leaving my poems inspired by the Bible there is a section requesting 100 interesting things about the person who leaves their words there. #18 there says "I believe in order to be happy first you must learn to smile" It is from this simple statement, that Bio, that I give you now, came to be, as I truly know no better way to describe the reasoning of what I am and why I write as I do. The poems in themselves have been about me and those who I know or have known. With that allow me to give you the answer I gave to a reader's statement of it is hard for me to do #18 in your list of 100 things. Note I have only completed 31 items on that list.

Why I smile

Learning to smile has always been difficult for many. At one time I too found this to be difficult. I myself have lived through things most have no desire to live through. I have made the decision to allow my own father to die in stead of placing him on a machine with a hope of his surviving. I accepted that I could not be near my mother as she died and yet I am able to look back on my life and say it has been good to me. I have felt the pain of loosing a child, dew to premature birth. I have pulled my Nephew from a tube of water in which I found him and started CPR to no avail. I have come within inches of my own death. I have lost many friends to death and yet I live on and find it is through the memories of the good times that even I can find a reason to smile. I believe there is no reason to fear; not death, for it brings you closer to the Lord. I believe it is best to “Live life to live, and love those who you can”! “No matter what anyone says, you are an important part of life”. So smile at all things that are worthy of smiling at and know you are worthy of having a smile. As for me I have lived as a soldier a medic an Infantry man and even a generator mechanic. I have spent countless hours in the cold doing my duty there. I have worked with the elderly and watched their struggles of each day. I have seen the change that comes over them, when they know the Lord has sent for them. I know the feelings of loss, hope, love, desire, and pain. I tend to see and hear what many it seems fail to see or hear, and it is through this that I am what I am. It is also here that the Words and me have come together. It is also why I write as I do.

Here also you will find two more poems. Both of which speak of me. I am what I am and the other is Why I write as I do. May you and all who reads them enjoy them knowing a bit more about where they come from.

I am what I am