Let There Be...
By Mark Edgemon

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Let There Be...
By Mark Edgemon

Void; the absence of light and all matter that matters.
Darker than black, emptier than nothing,
Without life. Without death. Without!
His Soul is Light. He speaks the Breath of Life,
Into newly fashioned, barren rock.
And then the emergence of first life
Resonating on the atomic level.

From the dirt of lifeless rock,
Comes all that exists; food, shelter
And life itself. Man himself.
Rising up from the dirt from which he was born.
And as he stands; the created amongst the created.
There is pause, as the One splits the darkness,
Within and without of his mortal existence.

And as he stands in awe at the majesty
And the beauty in the new world he was place,
Man thinks to himself, "How do I get control of this?"

The End

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