Lilies At The Front Of The Church
By Peter Menkin


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Lilies At The Front Of The Church
By Peter Menkin

When I ask someone
why do you go to Church,
they say,
“To see them light candles,”
“Go forward during the hymn,
for the music,”
“Easter lilies.”

These white flowers, delicate,
adorn the front of the
Church where we will go
for communion,
stepping among lovely
waiting ones present
and gone
also in the promise
of resurrection.

We gather: For the blood
and body broken in bread
by the celebrant,
a good man, devout.

My Aunt is 80 and
more; she likes a
gift of lilies given this
time of year.

The Minister is a comfort.
Thank you for bringing
Easter with us in
blood and body.
Dr. Brown is old,
she comes every week.
The blind woman
knows Christ’s promise,
and wants company.

Secret, mystical things happen.
Yes. Say yes. I do.

I went for the candle lighting,
and wanted to hear bells ring.
I looked at parents,
shared their companionship
with their children,
and saw the aged;
spectacle of harmony
and energy. I know
some come to sit
in quiet moments.

A man lights a candle
for his wife, gone.
This other Sundays.
But more than this
touches us--
as God is among us.

The swirling morning
colors through windows
bring hallowed
light, it does enlarge
and bring us together
enlisting life to
dry bones. Easter.

Many pray and know
their Bible. Easter
brings people together
in promises that are
unknown; these
secret hearts,
sacred minutes,
oh, mystery.

In Earthtime
we see the lilies gathered,
and they are for us.

The tomb is empty.

He is risen.
Sing, there is more.