Mind That Joke
By Lance Landall

From all-creatures.org

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Mind That Joke
By Lance Landall

Do you have a good sense of humour? Do you love a bit of fun?
Do you like really funny stories, a joke, a quip or a pun?
What has you laughing very quickly, or has you such repeating,
And is it only selected things, or any amusing thing?

Those things that have us laughing, can reveal something unsound inside,
And that being, that within our heart or mind, distorted tastes reside.
For we should not delight in what’s racist, sexist, ghoulish or crude,
Nor in what is irreligious, thoughtless, unkind or just plain rude.

It’s never right to laugh at others who’ve some disability,
Nor right to use someone’s mishap, even loss, as a source of glee.
And neither should we be mocking anyone’s nationality,
Nor their senility, their difference, or gullibility.

And neither should we use animals in a cruel or thoughtless way
To create a burst of laughter, and thereby, callousness display.
No animal nor a human should be used in such wrongful ways,
Therefore, what some folk choose to laugh at, they should really reappraise.

Most of us love a bit of fun, and there is nothing wrong with fun,
But we need to be very careful regarding what’s said and done.
Many jokes are simply not worthy of seeing the light of day,
Like the bawdy, the macabre or perverse, that seem to come one’s way.

Yes, we all need a sense of humour, for such helps to see us through
Those hard times and those sad times, or when skies aren’t always cheery blue.
But hey, never should one’s humour sink to those levels that degrade,
And which verbally or visually, another’s mind invade.

Therefore, let’s show respect for others, and the things that they hold dear,
Remembering how we would feel, if the brunt of a joke or sneer.
And let us remember also, that our fun will clearly display
What’s within our heart or mind -- yes, let's mind what we do and say.