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Rediscovering The Christ
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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Rediscovering The Christ
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

Can we for a brief moment reflect on the living Christ 2000 years ago?

What in the 21st Century do we understand or know?

Do we follow the precepts as laid down for us today?

Do we really listen to what Jesus has to say?

He showed love to those who were sick and in need.

The poor were not affected by the ruling class desire for greed.

It is the same greed that brought the economic downturn last year.

Suddenly people from all walks of life were struck with anxiety and fear.

Jesus mentions wealth of another kind.

A wealth that will not imprison or bind;

The wealth that comes from God, a gift of love and peace;

A spiritual wealth that will only expand and increase;

Those who had nothing only wanted to be fed.

Jesus gave them food as he led.

The light came forth to lift men’s hearts to God above.

God himself came down to embrace men’s hearts with total love.

Christ has made a difference in our attitude and tolerance of life.

Many Churches are still imprisoned in ignorance and strife.

Christ would not enter some Churches that are around today.

He would feel great sadness and utter dismay.

The two great commandments, Love God and your neighbor;

God’s friendship is as firm as an anchor in a safe harbor.

He brought light to a world that was dark.

He brought love to a world that was barren and stark.

He brought internal peace to people that were suffering.

The cup of peace did he bring.

The ruling class decided he must be crucified.

They all in their ignorance and before God had lied.

The cosmic play was now to be played out.

These events in history even the skeptics could no longer doubt.

Other realms looked on in total disbelief and in tears.

The greatest drama in living history was almost at an end.

Total love and passion was the cosmic blend.

A barbaric death did the living Christ die.

Into the four winds did his spirit fly?

The darkness covered the earth once again.

Evil at that brief moment had the upper hand.

Then on the first light of dawn, a ray of light illuminated the ground.

God’s covenant with man was securely sealed and bound.

There was a strange eerie light over the Eastern sky.

Christ could not die.

The majesty of God broke forth.

All the earth was aglow, east, west, south and north.

The heavens thundered forth his holy name.

Christ knew what was achieved was worth all the pain.

Christ the eternal came back to life.

Thus ending an eternity of human bondage and strife.

The darkness retreated but had nowhere to go.

It was now a wounded animal that limped to and fro.

Evil was defeated, the battle won.

Christ is truly God’s anointed son.

The lesson today is of love, forgiveness and forbearance.

Christ teaches us to take part in the cosmic dance.

The Rediscovered Christ is now part of our every day living.

This means loving and forgiving.

Walk with the rediscovered Christ now.

God will show you how.

© Andrew Pell 17/05/09

Rediscovering the Christ