The Angel In The Red Dress
By Thomas Natola


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The Angel In The Red Dress
By Thomas Natola

The Angel In The Red Dress
by Thomas Natola

An angel came to visit
In the middle of the night.
She said, "Take me by my little hand.
I will lead you to the light."

This lovely little angel
In a beautiful red dress,
Said, "Your worries now are over.
I will take care of the rest."

As I took her by her little hand,
I heard the angel say.
"There is nothing to be scared of.
Let me show you the way."

We strolled through a beautiful meadow.
With flowers of every hue.
Above it was the clearest sky,
A peaceful shade of blue.

We came upon some mountains,
Majestic as can be.
And when we reached the other side,
A gentle, calming sea.

We rode the ocean for a while.
The way was clear and bright.
Until we reached our destiny,
A pearly gate of white.

Saint Peter stood before us.
The keeper of the gate.
"There is no doubt about this soul.
You shall not have to wait."

The gates began to open,
And much to my surprise.
GOD's great and mighty kingdom
Was right before my eyes.

In the kingdom, with arms open wide,
Were loved ones from my past.
And the angel in the red dress said,
"I have fulfilled my task."

Another soul delivered
By a tiny little hand.
The angel in the red dress
Led you to the promised land.