Undisciplined Desire
By Lance Landall

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Undisciplined Desire
By Lance Landall

Have you ever — prior to Christmas day — visited the Christmas tree,
And paused at your presents, opening them up just enough to see?
If you have, I’m sure you’ll admit that when Christmas day came along,
Things just didn’t seem quite the same, and your feelings weren’t quite as strong.

Well, so it is with marriage, when prior to marriage, with sex we play,
For when marriage comes along, it’s an anti-climax, as they say.
It’s like something is missing, but what? Things just don’t quite seem to swing,
Which is hardly surprising given that sex came before the ring.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like unlocking what’s exciting to explore,
But those things that we have to wait for we appreciate far more.
For whenever a door is opened — that is, prematurely,
We inevitably find that we have spoilt what could better be.

Marriage isn’t temporary — no, it’s a permanent affair,
One that's meant to last a lifetime, and hence that need to take great care.
For how we enter into marriage will determine its success,
But rather than remain here, if I may, I would like to digress.

Imagine that you have made love with someone who's now not with you,
And here we’re talking a one night stand, a fling, perhaps a few.
And let’s say that you’re married now, and that you spot them in the street;
Tell me, how would you feel, and would you avoid them, or stop and greet?

One thing that I’m trying to say here, is, would you feel a sense of guilt,
That is, given that your marriage on fidelity wasn’t built?
After all, you made love to others, and now, it’s somewhat too late,
For you’re hardly the faithful type, as, for marriage you didn’t wait.

Thus, your marriage isn’t special, for you’ve been intimate before,
Yes, it’s just another union, another port, another shore.
You see, you’ve hurt your spouse already, for with others you have shared
What was only meant for just one, and thereby, a flaw have declared.

So when you are making love now, do you those past lovers compare
With the one that you’re married to; or perhaps some flashbacks appear?
Do you thereby feel dissatisfied? Was a past lover more skilled?
Oh, if only you hadn’t known. Has your delight been somewhat killed?

Doors opened prematurely, or opened when they shouldn’t be,
Can eventually lead to so much heartache and misery.
And at best, they can simply spoil what so much better would have been,
If we had simply waited, and not let foolishness intervene.

No, intimacy outside of marriage was never meant to be,
For it’s designed for a lifetime bond that protects the family.
Therefore, when it’s used outside its realm, it is nothing more than lust,
In other words, just plain selfishness, on which one can not build trust.

Hence why your body’s intimate realm should be kept just for marriage,
And why you shouldn't flaunt it, share it, but keep it in its garage.
And when marriage comes along, to your spouse you can then such reveal,
And via such, a special bond is formed — a unique, intimate seal.

This way there are no skeletons, no tales, and there's no loss or guilt,
Which means you’ll have a relationship that on solid ground is built.
And that you will both share together what nobody else has shared,
Yes, something that's private and special, something that can’t be compared.